BeerBox FAQs

What does BeerBox sell?

BeerBox sells cans of beer silly. Be on the lookout for additional adult beverages in the future.

How many cans does each BeerBox hold?

Each BeerBox holds 150 25oz cans. Its unique design allows two BeerBoxes to be connected to form a bar, which holds 300 25oz cans.

Why does BeerBox open the can?

Venues have open container policies, so fans don’t throw a closed beer can as a projectile. We work some magic to open your can for you, which means more time to Snapchat your Bae.

What type of payment methods does BeerBox accept?

BeerBox accepts all major US credit cards (Mastercard, Visa, AMEX, & Discover) and NFC payments, such as Apple Pay and Google Wallet. As much as we love our Benjamins, BeerBox doesn’t accept cash.

How cold is my beer?

Our goal is to provide you with a cold beer at 35℉, because that’s what you deserve. You look thirsty, you should get yourself a beer right now.

How do you verify someone’s age?

Concession workers will be located near the machines to make sure you're of age to purchase beer.

What weather can the machine withstand?

BeerBox is engineered to withstand mother nature. It drinks rain for breakfast.

Where can I find a BeerBox?

Check out the Where’s BeerBox? section to see if a BeerBox is close to you.

How do I get a BeerBox?

Ask Santa Claus. Alright, if you really want one please Contact Us for more information.

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