Different Types of Beer

Friday. Weekend. Outing. Movies. Are we missing out on something? Ummmm… I guess we all know the answer, the missing slide to this fun aspect is beer. A cold beer is an avenue for everything – the companion for your fries, your drink of celebration, and your solace for heartbreaks too. But, few of us are the real beer fanatics, we take our love for beer a notch above and explore all the variants available. If you are one of those then let dive deep and have a tête-à-tête with the only one love.

How do you differentiate?

Categorized in two parts, all beers are either ales or lagers, and that is solely decided by the type of yeast used during the process. Ales are the type of beer category where the yeasts ferment at the top whereas in the case of lagers the yeasts ferment at the bottom. Apart from them, there are other ways of fermentation too, which generally makes the beer sour in taste. Moving on from fermentation the beer can also be categorized on the basis of :

  • Aroma
  • Color
  • Flavor

An expert in the industry can further segregate it into more intricate categories. All of the differences in total definitely make one beer distinct from others but the core essence remains the same. Now, let’s dive down and learn about the types of fermentation and the famous beer types reigning in the market.

Top Fermentation:

The yeast used here ferments the beer and then settles on the top of the solution. It acts actively even at a higher temperature and has an elevated tolerance to alcohol. Ex: Belgian Style Beer, Wheat Beer, Indian Pale Ale, Pale Ale, Brown Ale Stout, and Porter.

Bottom fermentation:

In comparison to the yeast used for top fermentation this yeast used has a relatively lower tolerance for alcohol and it settles down at the bottom of the liquid post-fermentation. The process of fermentation is slightly slow and it works optimally at a lower temperature. Ex: German-Style Bocks, Dark Lagers, Pale Lagers, and Pilsners.

Spontaneous Fermentation:

The avenue of preparing sour beer with the help of wid yeast and bacteria is called spontaneous fermentation. Originated in Belgium, this methodology has now its own fan all over the world. Beer connoisseurs are trying out their own unique ways around the process ad creating their range of funky beer. Ex: Red Ale, Belgian Gueuze, American Sour, and Belgian Fruit Lambic.

Famous Sips From the Corners of the World:


Starting out with the most common and well-known lager which is a bottom-fermented drink. It tastes a little malty and has a soothing taste which makes it an obvious choice for the new beer lovers. The consistency is pacified and perfectly blended with the additional flavors which make it an easy-to-go drink for everyone.

Ex: Yuengling, Budweiser, Coors, and Miller High Life

Indian Pale Ale (IPA)

Citrus in flavor the type encompasses multiple styles of beer. The citrus flavor is because of the grain constituent. While some of them are purely citrus in nature, others can also be strongly bitter. Some of the prominent type that can be used here are  British IPA,  West Coast IPA, and New England Style IPA. These mentioned IPA’s carry a fruity flavor with low bitterness while few of them can be bitter and maltier. If you are looking for something in between then look out for West Cost ones which are a perfect balance of fruitiness and bitterness. In the world of craft beer, they tangy taste remains on the taste buds forever and one should definitely try out multiple options before settling.


Adding to the kingdom of Beer comes Porter, with a chocolaty twist it is a subtle combination of dry-roasted malt and generic grains. The color of the drink is somewhat like that of the stouts and the taste also varies from coffee like to that of chocolaty feel.

Belgian Beer

Tracing back its root to Atlantic, the taste has made a powerful impact in U.S. giving the residents a flavorful introduction Belgian-Style Beers. Under the wide canopy of Belgian Ale, comes fruity beers and sour ales. If you have a taste for sweet flavors then this is the drink for you. With high alcohol content and low bitterness, these drinks are spicy, fruity, and full of flavors. Out of all the popular types, the Trappist Ales have gained wide recognition which is only produced at Trappist Monasteries. It also includes other beer varieties like Belgian Dubbel which is strong in flavors and the Belgian Tripel which is spicy but dry. Apart from them, there are pale ales like Delirium Tremens which have a distinct hard taste.

Wheat Beer

As the name suggests, the wheat beers rely on the crop for the malt constituent. The wheat gives it a light color and the alcohol level is just apt for mixing it with some king kind of fresh fruit juice making it the drink of summer. The one which comes under the Belgian-style brew has a tangy flavor while the ones who have roots back to U.S. have a flat taste.

Pale Ale

Known for its low alcohol content in the range of IPAs, the ale includes Blonde Ale, American Amber Ale, American Pale Ale, and English Ale. They are light but malty in taste.


Under the category of Lager, the drink is originally from the Czech Republic. With crisp flavor and pale gold color, they come with high alcohol content. The taste is more the bitter side and the color is strong too.

Stout Beer

Popularly known for its dark taste, the flavors of the beer largely depend on the origin it comes from. The sweet ones are known for their low bitterness and are sourced from Ireland or England. The drink has a sweet and roasted look which gives it an appearance of creamy coffee. Moreover, in spite of having a dark color, the drink is sweet and credit goes to the saturated sugar in it.

That’s it, folks, the real fun of exploring beer is in tasting them all and then figuring out your favorite one.